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Hundredfold Canada

Perennial Ryegrass 4 lbs (Pounds) Seeds - Lolium perenne English or Winter Ryegrass, Non-GMO Fresh Canadian Turf Seeds for Lawns, Gardens and Sports Fields, Cool-Season Grass, Covers 1000 sq ft

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  • A cool-season turf-type grass tolerant cold temperatures and high foot-traffic
  • A dark-green grass with fine bladed leafs, it looks good and feels great
  • Rapid emergence helps weed suppression
  • Each package contains 4lbs grass seeds that are packed & shipped from Ontario
  • Hundredfold is a trusted Canadian trademark since 2017. Good fruits multiply/Les bons fruits se multiplient
  • Moderate maintenance, it performs poorly under heat and shade stress
  • True Canadian - Canada Grown and Packaged. Reduce carbon footprint by Buy Local
  • DO NOT ship to the US due to export restrictions.

Perennial ryegrass is often used in lawns due to its quick establishment. Its dark green color together with the fine texture would make your lawn rich and soft. Sow rate for new lawn: 4-8 lbs/1000 sq ft. Note: it is often mixed with Kentucky blue grass for sunny lawns.