Hundredfold : Nature in its full potential

Over the past few years, we have converted what used to be a dry and barren piece of lawn into a flourishing garden filled with native plants. Now milkweeds, elderberries, and swamp roses have all found their home here. This small garden has a resonating impact on wildlife. In this 100 square feet city garden, we have welcomed monarch butterflies, goldfinches (songbirds), sandpipers (waterbirds), and countless native bees.

Being able to see biodiversity being restored in a few years was deeply inspiring and we hope many others may also be able to experience this.

Four-Season Wonders in the Hundredfold Garden (Toronto ON Canada)

Picture 1: Syrphid flies (flower flies) foraged on a swamp rose in late spring

Picture 2: Native hibiscus (swamp rose mallow) bloomed in mid summer

Swamp Rose Mallow Flower

Picture 3: A goldfinch feasted on sunflower seeds in late summer

Picture 4: A mocking bird munching rose hips in early winter