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Hundredfold Canada

Organic Stinging Nettle 200 Herb Seeds - Common Nettle, Stinger, Urtica dioica

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  • It is a perennial up to 3 feet high, and an indicator of fertile soil where it thrives
  • It could be used as a culinary and medical herb. It is a favored spring vegetable in Northern and Eastern Europe
  • An herb that has been historically used and intensively researched, it exhibits proven medical properties to combat various infections and joint pains. If your space only allows you to grow one herb – choose stinging nettle.
  • Each package contains 200 organic heirloom seeds; Packed & shipped in Ontario
  • Hundredfold is a Canadian trademark. Good fruits multiply.

Product description

Stinging nettle is an important herb in Europe and Asia. It is said to be the top five herbal plants in Germany. The Germans not only use them as a medical herb but also eat them as spring greens. Young shoots are delicious after being cooked since the stings are removed when heated. Please plan carefully before planting it. It is a perennial with an invasive tendency. Because of its rhizome root system, it will take over the territory of any annual. It is also easy to spread by seeds.