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Hundredfold Canada

Mountain Huckleberry 20 Seeds - Vaccinium membranaceum Square-twig Blueberry, Big Huckleberry, British Colombia Native Fruit Shrub

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  • A spreading shrub up to 1.5 metre tall, it is similar to its cousin, high bush blueberry
  • Low water use after establishment, prefer a sunny location
  • Produce sweet and flavorful blueberry-shaped fruits
  • This fruit is amongst the largest and best-flavoured of all wild blueberries


Mountain Huckleberry, also called thinleaf huckleberry, is native to the Pacific Northwest. It is an important and nutritious food source for Black and Grizzly Bears, which consume not only berries but also other plant parts, as well as deer, Elk, Moose, and Ruffed Grouse.