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Hundredfold Canada

Hundredfold Winterbloom Witch-Hazel Small Tree 5 Seeds - Hamamelis virginiana Ontario Native Shrub, American Witch-Hazel, Snapping Hazelnut

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  • A native under-story tree, blooms are, ornamental & aromatic
  • The floral display of witch hazel is unique.
  • The nuts are highly sought for by songbirds
  • First Nations used witch-hazel leaves for tea

The long-lived witch hazel performs best on moist sites. It tolerates wet soils, pollution, shade, and poor soil. Avoid extremely dry situations. Full sun forms fuller, more symmetrical plants.

Hundredfold Note:

Witch Hazel does not deserve a “witch” in its name. It should be rebranded as Golden Hazel or Autumn Glory to honor its beautiful bloom in the fall. An adorable shrub, it was once the dominant under-story tree in deciduous forests in Eastern Canada & USA.

However, it has been out-competed by the European buck-thorn. These Autumn Glory are losing the battle with the aggressive buck-thorn.

If you have children under 18, it is suggested to plant a few shrubs for educational purposes. The most wonderful thing to eyewitness the mature fruit bursts and shoots out its nuts like a firework. The burst looks like an explosion and sounds like an explosion but it is completely safe. The nut can fly a few meters away like a bullet. Not many folks would have a chance to enjoy such a free show, designed by nature.