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Hundredfold Canada

Hundredfold Swamp White Oak 4 Tree Nut Acorn Seeds - Quercus Bicolour North America Native, Bicolor Oak, Medium Specimen & Shade Tree, Beautiful Fall Color, Canada Grown

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  • A medium-sized native tree that is highly adapted, even in a polluted urban environment
  • From leaves to roots, every white oak supports a native ecosystem, from fungi and insects to mammals, much wildlife depends on the tree
  • Swamp white oak acorns are one of the sweetest acorns, suitable for human consumption
  • The acorns are eaten by birds, mammals, and even humans, perhaps to ensure food security on rainy days…
  • Each package contains 4 tree seeds
  • Hundredfold has been a Canadian trademark since 2017. Good fruits multiply.
  • Note: Planting a shade tree is a major decision. Before buying, do a proper search on soil, light, and proximity to structures.
  • We will be glad to share the rich heritage of these beautiful trees. Please feel free to contact us if you are an educator or potential grower.

Product description

Our passion for native oak is rooted in the love towards this land and the lives she fosters. Every swamp white oak supports a local ecosystem. Unlike the massive red oaks and bur oaks, swamp white oaks are smaller in size, which enables the trees to fit in backyards, front lawns, or other smaller properties.

Unlike most deciduous trees, white oaks tend to hold their leaves until spring. Therefore, the trees make excellent privacy screens all year round. If you don't like your neighbor, plant a white oak then you won't see him (her) often. Swamp white oak belongs to the white oak family.

About native oaks:

A single native acorn carries blessings from thousands of years of genetic heritage. Oaks and chestnuts were once standing side by side in the Eastern North America forests; they were dominant tree covers. The chestnuts have been wiped out by 1950. Oaks have since taken the place of the chestnuts and become king of the forest. Yet, the native oak population of North America is diminishing from coast to coast.  In British Colombia alone, the Garry oaks' habitat has decreased by 95% in the last two centuries.

To prevent the history of American chestnut from repeating, one needs to act proactively to sustain our native oaks. Plant an oak tree today; you will be a true hero for many generations to come.