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Hundredfold Canada

Hundredfold Petit Gris De Rennes Melon 20 Seeds - Cucumis melo Non-GMO French Heirloom Intensive Flavored Cantaloupe

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  • Considered to be the best of the French cantaloupes
  • It was grown in France nearly 400 years ago
  • 85 days to maturity
  • Plant Spacing: 18"
  • Need full sun and a small trellis (1 meter-tall)


Petit Gris de Rennes means little gray from Rennes. An heirloom from France, this time-tested melon is a top choice for many folks across the Atlantic Oceans. This petit size melon is a real deal for a small space garden as more people move into cramped apartments and try to grow food at the same time. The smell they put off in the garden while they were getting close to ripe is also amazing.