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Hundredfold Canada

Hundredfold Oxeye Sunflower 100 Seeds - Heliopsis helianthoides Smooth Ox Eye Sunflower, False Sunflower Canada Native Wildflower Wild Flower

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  • An undemanding plant that provides excellent, mid-summer color
  • Native Distribution: East end from South Quebec to Florida; West end from British Colombia to New Mexico
  • Also known as false sunflower, it looks like a sunflower but blooms much longer than a real sunflower
  • Each package contains 100 open-pollinated seeds
  • Hundredfold for sustainable growth: A trusted Toronto-based brand since 2017

Product Description

Oxeye is hardy and easily grown as a showy garden perennial in dry sites. An underrated wildflower, it is attractive to native specialist bees and hummingbirds.