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Hundredfold Canada

Hundredfold Organic Purple Flower Chive Herb Allium schoenoprasum Heirloom 1000 Seeds - Easy to Grow

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  • Perennial to USDA Zone 3/Cold resistance
  • Showy purple flowers attractive to bees/Can be a substitute for Green Onion
  • Mild flavor, a kitchen herb complement with salad/stew/roast
  • Each package contains 1000 seeds; Packed & shipped in Ontario
  • Hundredfold for sustainable growth. Based in Toronto, a trusted brand since 2017

Product description

Chives are very easy to grow. Their amethyst violet flowers blossom twice a year. These flowers are not only ornamental but also edible. Chives are perennial plants, meaning they come back year after year. They also produce a unique oniony smell, making it almost disease free.