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Hundredfold Canada

Hundredfold Lacy Phacelia 500 Flower Seeds - Phacelia tanacetifolia Blue or Purple Tansy, Fiddle Neck Fiddleneck, Non-GMO USA Native, for Cover Crop & Bee Garden Brand: Hundredfold

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  • A native, annual plant that produces beautiful purple flowers
  • Loved by honey bees, bumblebees and hoverflies, the flower promotes insect diversity
  • A fast-growing annual that suppresses weed growth and increases organic matter (green manure)
  • Each package contains 500 open-pollinated seeds that are packed & shipped from Ontario
  • Hundredfold is a trademark solely owns by Carmel Canada Inc. Good fruits multiply/Les bons fruits se multiplient

Product description

To promote eco-sustainability, planting more native plants is one practical way to help restore local ecosystems. Lacy phacelia is native to the Southwest United States and Northwest Mexico. It is commonly used for bee plants or cover crops and is planted in orchards or vineyards to attract bees and suppress weed growth. It could grow from seed to flower in 6-8 weeks, providing high-quality pollen and nectar for up to two months. After its flowering season, Lacy phacelia is frost-killed and turns into green manure - a life well-lived for the planet earth…