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Hundredfold Canada

Hundredfold Green Common Purslane 1000 Seeds - Non-GMO Pursley, Red Gruner, Portulaca oleracea Vegetable & Herb

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    • Powerhouse vegetable that can be eaten fresh or cooked
    • It can be grown in the ground or in containers, or as a ground-cover for lawns
    • Young shoots are juicy and succulent, with a sweet-sour flavor
    • Each package contains 1000 open-pollinated seeds. Packed & shipped in Ontario
    • Hundredfold for sustainable growth: A trusted Toronto-based brand since 2017
    • Note: it is an annual that can re-seed the second year. Allow larger space for them to regenerate.

    There is a long-time debate about whether purslane a weed or a vegetable. Everyone has his own option. Let the debate continue. The fact speaks louder. In China, purslane is consumed as a leafy vegetable throughout the country. This little plant could be found everywhere, in poor soil or good soil, wetland or dry-land, cold areas or hot areas. This resilient plant helps support a resilient country, in bad times or good times.

    Data speaks even louder: Purslane is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Omega fatty acid. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), 100 grams of purslane contains 1320IU Vitamin A, 21mg Vitamin C and 0.39g of fat. You may visit the USDA website for further information. There is no need to explain how easy it is to grow and how healthy it is to consume. The only question is: do I have enough space to grow it?