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Hundredfold Canada

Hundredfold Canada Wild Rye Grass 200 Seeds - Elymus canadensis Ontario Native Prairie Wildrye, Nodding Wild Rye Perfect for Erosion Control or Ornamental Grass

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  • A perennial, clump-forming, native cool-season grass
  • The bluish-green leaves and the nodding husks add interest throughout much of the year
  • The self-sowing properties and ease of growth make it popular for meadows or cottage gardens
  • Native provinces: AB, MB , NB , NS , ON , QC , SK
  • Warning: the husks may cause severe eye injuries for dogs. Do not use this grass in areas frequented by dogs.
  • Each package contains 200 seeds that are packed and shipped from Ontario
  • Hundredfold is a Canadian trademark since 2017. Good fruits multiply.

Product description

Canada wild rye is not only native to Ontario, it is a real Torontonian. Unlike most Torontonians, they live here without paying hefty rents or property taxes. However, these once common wild grasses are losing ground to invasive species.

They are extremely hard to find now. Therefore, we don’t encourage you to hunt along the Don River for their seeds. Let them live long and prosper in this beautiful place like thousands of years ago.