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Hundredfold Canada

Hundredfold Black Willow Tree 1 Cutting - Native Tree Ontario Grown Bare Root, Not Potted, No Soil, Attract Wildlife & Stabilise Soil, for Food Plot & Food Forest

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  • Black willow is a fast growing native tree. It is deeply adored by bees, birds, deer and elks.
  • Many would incorporate willow trees to their food plot for deer browsing.
  • Warning: willow roots are shallow and aggressive. Don’t plant them close to houses and utility lines.
  • Each package contains one 10cm-tall bare rooted live plant without pot
  • Hundredfold is Canadian trademark since 2017. Good fruits multiply.
  • Proudly Canadian/Fièrement d’ici - Grown and Packed in Canada. Ship within Canada only.
  • Native willows are widely used in permaculture (permanent agriculture), for biomass, pollinators and water retention


Black willow is the largest and most important native willow in North America. The bark, tender twigs and buds are food for browsers such as deer, rabbits and beaver. The young stems are very flexible and are used in basket and furniture making. It is important inset plant, which serves as larval host of Mourning Cloak, Viceroy, Red-spotted Purple, Viceroy and Tiger Swallowtail.