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Hundredfold Canada

California Wonder Sweet Bell Pepper 50 Seeds - Non-GMO Capsicum annuum Vegetable Perfect for Hydroponic, Container, Patio and Open Field

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  • Peppers are green when young and red when ripe
  • A market standard for sweet bell pepper, California wonder was introduced in 1928 and is still popular among home and commercial growers alike
  • It is a forgiving pepper that can fruit with many growing methods
  • Do not stand frost and perform best in the heat of summer
  • Each package contains 50 open-pollinated seeds that are packed & shipped from Ontario
  • Hundredfold is a trusted Toronto-based trademark since 2017. Good fruits multiply.
  • To prevent mold and mildew, good ventilation is required for hydroponic indoors

Product description

The margin of safety of growing these peppers is large, meaning it is unlikely to lose money by growing them. They would be grown in pots if you don’t have a yard and would be grown in water if you don’t want to play with dirt. They pollinate themselves without bees, while it is better to have pollinators around. And they keep fruiting until frost. Like all fruiting plants though, they require good irrigation, full sun, and rich soil (sufficient nutrients if in hydroponic) for good crops.