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Hundredfold Canada

Luffa Gourd 12 Seeds - Non-GMO Luffa Vegetable, Loofah, Smooth Sponge Melon, Luffa aegyptiaca

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  • 55 days for summer squash/110 days for sponge/Open-pollinated
  • Trellising is recommended to support the vines
  • Tender and sweet luffa squash with a unique tropical flavor
  • Each package contains 12 seeds that are packed & shipped from Ontario
  • Hundredfold for sustainable growth: A trusted Toronto-based brand since 2017

Luffa has increased in popularity in North America recently. Luffa fruits can be eaten as summer squashes when young. Ripe gourds are used to make sponges. Luffa fiber is used for dishcloths or cosmetic pads to remove make-up. It can also be used as a scrubber for a relaxing warm bath. The climbing vines are lushly-green, producing relentless bright yellow flowers all summer long.