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Hundredfold Canada

Hundredfold Tatsoi Chinese Cabbage 500 Vegetable Seeds - Brassica rapa, Pakchoi Pak Choi Heirloom Non-GMO Rosette Bok Choy, or Spinach Mustard for Home Garden Yard Balcony & Indoor Planting

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  • A nutritious vegetable that is popular in East China
  • It is ready in 20 days for baby leaf and 45 days for full size
  • A unique-flavored vegetable that is unbeatable in salads and stir-fries
  • Each package contains 500 heirloom seeds that are packed and shipped from Ontario
  • Hundredfold for sustainable grow: A trusted Toronto-based brand since 2017
  • Also known as: Shanghai Tatsoi (上海塔菜)

Product description

Tatsoi is also known as Tah Tsai or Bok Choy. Tatsoi means Tower Green in Chinese. It is named for its tower-like shape. This Chinese cabbage is extremely popular in East China, especially Shanghai. Thus, it is also called Shanghai Tatsoi. Tatsoi grows quickly, withstands mild frost and tastes good. It can be eaten as salad or stir-fry. No leafy vegetable is comparable to this unique Asian green: it is crispier than spinach, and is more pungent than lettuce. It exhibits a mild brassica bitter-sweet flavor.