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Hundredfold Canada

Hundredfold Salmonberry 20 Fruit Seeds - Rubus spectabilis British Columbia Native Shrub Sweet Salmon Berry

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  • Pink flowers and showy fruits that are yellow, red, or anything in between
  • Because of salmon-berry's popularity as a food source, medicinal properties, and aesthetic beauty, it makes one want to live in the northwest or at least grow some in his place
  • The leaves can be consumed as an herbal tea to treat minor diseases like diarrhea
  • As an astringent, a poultice of leaves and bark can be used for dressing burns and open sores
  • As per the BC coastal native people, the appearance of salmon-berries coincides with the appearance of salmon fish in the Pacific NW


Salmonberry has been a part of the Alaskan indigenous peoples’ diet for thousands of years. A traditional dish called akutaq is served on special occasions, a tasty mixture of animal oils, salmonberry (and other berries), with fish. Young shoots can be eaten both raw or cooked like asparagus. Salmonberry has also been used to flavor beer and wine.