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Hundredfold Canada

Hundredfold Mini Dragon Fruit Cactus One Small Cutting - Miniature Dragonfruit Pitaya Strawberry Pear, Bare Root, Rooted Live-Plant (No Pot) Indoor Houseplant House Plant

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  • A fruit-bearing cactus that possesses healing properties
  • It is resistant to droughts and has few pest problems
  • Suited for house-plants and patio containers
  • Each package contains one cutting which is a bare-rooted 5 cm (2") long stem without leaves and flowers, pot is not included
  • Hundredfold is a Canadian trademark. Good fruits multiply.
  • Note: it is a miniature cactus for ornament, not for flowering or fruiting


Dragonfruit cactus is a tropical plant that needs to be kept indoors for winter. It would not survive if the temperature drops below 5°C. It is a cactus and it has lots of spines. Please don’t put it in locations where young children and pets are around. In addition, it is most likely not blooming or fruiting under the Canadian sky.

For all the setbacks, why would one still keep this cactus? First, it is an edible fruit plant that is safe to grow. In its native regions, people often use its stems to cure minor cuts and wounds. Second, it has a unique aerial root system that anchors the stems to climb up. It is a live text-book example of “walking” vines. Third, it could survive without water for a few weeks. One would leave it alone for a month. Moreover, dragon fruit has few pest problems.

It is an ideal house-plant for a busy person.