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Hundredfold Canada

Hundredfold Garry Oak Oregon White Oak 3 Acorns - Quercus garryana Pacific Coast British Columbia California Native Tree

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  • Birds, bears, deer, squirrels, and other animals eat the acorns.
  • Trees provide perching and nesting sites for songbirds.
  • Many birds and mammals use the twigs and leaves for nesting material.
  • Garry oak is the only species of oak that is native to British Columbia.


Garry oak, Quercus garryana, is a beautiful, white oak tree native to the Pacific Coast of North America. They can grow to be quite large, with mushroom-shaped canopies of green leaves and sturdy trunks. You will find them growing from Vancouver Island, British Columbia to Southern California.

Garry oak is the only native oak in Washington and British Columbia, and the principle native oak of Oregon. It is the backbone of the Garry Oak Ecosystem.

About native oaks:

A single native acorn carries blessings from thousands of years of genetic heritage. Oaks and chestnuts were once standing side by side in the Eastern North America forests; they were dominant tree covers. The chestnuts have been wiped out by 1950. Oaks have since taken the place of the chestnuts and become king of the forest. Yet, the native oak population of North America is diminishing from coast to coast.  In British Colombia alone, the Garry oaks' habitat has decreased by 95% in the last two centuries.

To prevent the history of American chestnut from repeating, one needs to act proactively to sustain our native oaks. Plant an oak tree today; you will be a true hero for many generations to come.