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Hundredfold Canada

Hundredfold Eastern Canada Tiny Forest Native Seed Combo - Maple Oak Pine Edible Food Microforest Covers 100 Square Meter (M2)

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Tiny Forest is a method created by an Indian engineer to restore natural and native forests A forest that fits into the size of a tennis court can help restore ecosystems.

After the sowing day, the forests need 3-4 years of maintenance before they become self-sustaining. It is proven growth has been fast, and biodiversity has been boosted in tiny forests. (1)

This eastern native forest seed combo is designed for an area of 100m2 (approximately half of a tennis court). It encompasses the keystone species of a temperate deciduous forest, such as red oak and sugar maple. The combo also includes under-story layers and herbaceous plants.

The species are chosen since they are all beneficial plants native to Eastern Canada. The tiny forest not only restores ecosystems but also provides food and medicine to your family and community.   

Species and seed counts:

Canopy trees:

Northern red oak (3)

Sugar maple (10)

Eastern white pine (10)

Under-story shrubs:

American elderberry (20)

Black raspberry (20)

Herbaceous plants: 

New England aster (100)

Gray goldenrod (500)

 1: UNESCO (2023 October 15) Tiny Forest