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Hundredfold Canada

Hundredfold Container Orchard Soft Fruit Shrub Mix Seeds, Include 3 Canada Native Wild Fruits: Wild Black Raspberry, Black Chokeberry and Wild Rose, Suited for Balcony, Patio and Window Sill

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  • Each order contains Wild black raspberry, black chokeberry, and wild swamp rose, 20 seeds each. Total 60 shrub seeds.
  • All are Canadian native perennials that come back each year.
  • Plant once and harvest for decades to come.
  • All three soft fruit shrubs can be kept in large containers outdoors for USDA Zone 4-7 (Edmonton is in Zone 4a).

As the food price increases, more and more city dwellers grow their food in containers. Avid gardeners start to realize the benefits of growing perennial soft fruits in balconies. Unlike tomato, one needs to sow seeds every year. Once the plants are established, they will produce for decades. Moreover, when you move, your container orchard can be moved with you.

However, many fruits such as apples, can hardly survive in containers, even in the largest ones. Here is the good news. The three soft fruits of this seed mix(raspberry, chokeberry and wild rose) are all able to grow well in containers. They can come back in each spring even after -15C outdoors in containers.

Hundredfold Note: Cold Resistant Chemicals?

These three shrubs are all I grow on my balcony. I had grown pawpaw, cherries, table grapes, red mulberry, and hybrid roses there. As nice as these fruits are, they do not wake up after a long winter. They die because their deep root system can not find shelter in small containers, I figured. The roots are their only weapon to fight the freezing temperature. They are unarmed in a container.

Raspberry, chokeberry, and wild rose all have shallow root systems. Unlike the failed trees, they may use certain unique chemicals to fight the cold. Thus they survive in outdoor containers with smaller root mass.