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Hundredfold Canada

Hundredfold Burgundy Gaillardia 100 Seeds - Gaillardia aristata Blanket Flower, Native Prairie Flower, Hardy Perennial, Perfect for Care-Free Bee & Flower Garden, Packed and Shipped in Canada

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  • The deep red-wine color flowers are eye-catching and long-lasting

  • A favorite butterfly & bee plant that could be also planted as cut-flowers for bouquets and floret arrangements

  • A low-maintenance perennial that tolerates the heat, the cold, and poor soils

  • Each package contains 100 open-pollinated seeds that are packed and shipped from Ontario

  • Hundredfold for sustainable growth: A trusted Toronto-based brand since 2017

  • Note: Will produce flowers in the second year, but it is well worth the wait.

If there is a love called tough love, there should be a beauty called tough beauty. Tough beauty is a display of genetic heritage in the botany kingdom.

Burgundy Gaillardia exhibits such tough beauty from their ancestors native to the magnificent North American Prairie. The 2-3 feet-tall plants do not need to be taken care of once they set roots in the ground. They produce beautiful burgundy flowers that attract beneficial insects including butterflies and honey bees. They bloom from early summer well into fall.

Therefore, we have good reasons to believe that “tough beauty” is a perfect description of this native flower.