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Hundredfold 1 Extra Small Pawpaw Paw Paw American Papaw Seedling - Asimina triloba Paw-Paw UAS & Canada Native Fruit Tree, Ontario Grown Bare-Rooted Live-Plant Live Plants, Producing Tropical-Looking Foliage and Tasty Fruits

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  • Hardy to only Zone 5B or warmer, not for anywhere north to (or colder than) Montreal, QC
  • Young trees need to be in shade and avoid competition with weeds, low maintenance after establishment
  • An excellent back-yard tree because fruits are very tasty but hard to find
  • Each package contains 1 seedling (each ~5 cm tall ) that is packed & shipped from Ontario
  • Hundredfold is a trusted Canadian trademark since 2017. Good fruits multiply.


If one is kind to the land, the land will return him or her with kindness. Planting a native tree is a great way to nurture the land. Pawpaw is native to the United States and Canada. Wild pawpaw trees could be found in Southern Ontario, e.g. Guelph areas.

It provides abundantly for native wild lives when grown. Tasty fruits are also good treats for humans. Pawpaw trees need to be grown in pairs for cross-pollination. One order only contains one tree.