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Hundredfold Canada

Hundredfold 10 Red Osier Dogwood Shrub Seeds - Cornus sericea Low Maintenance Ontario Native Bush, with Four Season Interests

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  • Bright red branches in winter, creamy flowers in spring, lush green leaves in summer and crimson leaves in autumn
  • A large shrub that reaches 9’ tall, it needs some pruning in smaller gardens
  • While the berries are not edible to human, they are important food source for many birds and small mammals
  • Each package contains 10 open-pollinated seeds that are packed and shipped from Ontario
  • Hundredfold is a Canadian trademark since 2017. Good fruits multiply/Les bons fruits se multiplient
  • Proudly Canadian/Fièrement d’ici - Grown and Packed in Canada

Product description

Blessed with four-season interests, this native dogwood constantly reminds us the grace of the changing seasons. With tremendous wildlife values, it is also a blessing to native pollinators and song birds.