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Hundredfold Canada

Hundredfold 10 Pagoda Dogwood Shrub Seeds - Cornus alternifolia Alternative Leaf Dogwood Ontario Native Small Tree, with Four Season Interests

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  • Pagoda dogwood thrives in both sun and shade. It could be grown under a large tree or in wet and cold places where nothing else can grow
  • A large shrub that reaches 9’ tall, it needs some pruning in a small garden
  • While the berries are not edible to humans, they are an important food source for many birds and small mammals
  • Each package contains 10 open-pollinated seeds that are packed and shipped from Ontario
  • Hundredfold is a Canadian trademark since 2017. Good fruits multiply.
  • Dogwood seeds begin to ripe in late summer, coinciding with the mosquito peak in the northern woods, where migrating birds can forage in, preparing for their long journey south. Both dogwood seeds and mosquitoes are excellent food sources for birds.

Unlike most dogwoods, the leaves of Pagoda dogwood are alternatively arranged. Therefore, it is also known as Alternative Leaf Dogwood. These dogwoods are often found at riverbanks in nature since it tolerates shade and moisture. Now you don’t need to search along a brook for this native dogwood, you would grow your own tree from seeds.