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Hundredfold Micro White Clover 4 LBS Seeds - Perennial Legume Microclover Excellent for Enriching Lawn, Ground Cover or Lawn Alternative

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    • A dwarf version of white clover, micro white clover is a white clover with a better-looking
    • It fixes nitrogen and enhances the soil
    • It is shorter, smaller, and greener than the regular clover. It is greener because it produces smaller white flowers (less white more green)
    • 1-2 lbs per 1000 square feet for existing lawn (to overseed)
    • Drought resistant and requires less mowing
    • Each package contains 4lbs (1816g) of coated seeds that are packed & shipped from Ontario
    • Hundredfold has been a trusted Toronto-based trademark since 2017. Good fruits multiply.
    • The first three images show micro white clover in our Toronto garden, grown as a ground cover in lean soil
    • Why so EXPENSIVE: Micro white clover is high in demand due to its market acceptance. At the same time, the supply is limited. Therefore, the cost of micro clover is materially higher than the Dutch white clover. Not to mention all clover prices increased substantially in the face of food shortage.
    • Make sure your seedbed and grass-seed mixes are clean before sowing. Herbicide runoff/residue may highly hinder clover germination. Invasive weeds may smother the clover seedlings.

Micro clover is a miniature version of the Dutch white clover. Microclovers produce smaller leaves and fewer flowers. It spreads out nicely without forming clumps, making it look more like turf grass. It is suggested to mix microclover with grass seeds for lawn enhancement.


Hundredfold Note:

Micro White Clover, a Gentle Pioneer

Many pioneers are aggressive. Yet some can be gentle. Like this micro white clover, it can take up a site quickly like a pioneer but in a friendly manner. This clover does not expel its competitors. On the contrary, it gets along with them well. Since it is only half the height of the regular clover, it does not shade out grasses and wildflowers. It provides a fertile ground cover for grasses, flowers, and fruit shrubs.

There is a small patch of high sodium bareland that nothing can grow. I planted many things in vain until I sowed this micro white clover in that land. The little clovers are happy there and expand quickly in the first year with good irrigation. In the second year, I successfully added annual sunflowers. In the third year, I added perennials like chokeberry, milkweed, and goldenrod. They all survive.  

A lush lawn is nice. But some prefer layers of greenery as a meadow. Micro white clover, the gentle pioneer, will give you a jump start no matter if it is for a lawn or a meadow.