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Hundredfold Canada

Hundredfold 25 Grams Organic Annual Ryegrass Seeds - Lolium multiflorum, Forage, Cover Crop, Soil Enrichment and Weed Suppression

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  • Note: this is annual ryegrass, not perennial ryegrass, meaning the lifespan of this grass is one-year-only
  • Prevent erosion, improve soil structure and drainage, add organic matter and suppress weeds
  • Establishes quickly and produces a lot of forage in a short amount of time
  • Could be used as an emergency lawn or forage to extend the growing season in grazing pastures and gardens
  • Sow in fall in USDA Zone 6 or warmer; sow in midsummer to early fall in Zone 5 or colder (at least 40 days before the first frost)
  • Each package contains 25grams of organic seeds that cover 100 square feet (~10 square meter)
  • Hundredfold is a trusted Toronto-based trademark since 2017. Good fruits multiply.
  • SOW RATE PER ACRE: 8-15 Pounds with a legume (e.g. clover), small grain (e.g. oat), or native grass (e.g. big bluestem)


Product description

Annual ryegrass, also known as Italian ryegrass, is an excellent choice for building soil structures in lawns, orchards, and other croplands. It is an erosion fighter, soil builder and weed suppressor. Note: it requires good soil moisture, shallow depth, and good soil contact for germination. It does not perform in drought.