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Hundredfold Canada

20 Purple Flowering Raspberry Thimbleberry Fruit Seeds - Rubus Odoratus, Canada Native

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  • A Canadian native shrub that produces showy purple flowers and edible raspberries
  • Almost thorn-less compared with common raspberries, it is suitable for any flower or fruit gardens
  • It attracts pollinators and song-birds to the garden
  • Each package contains 20 seeds that are packed and shipped from Toronto, Ontario
  • Hundredfold is a Canadian trademark. Good fruits multiply/Les bons fruits se multiplient

Product description

A native species in North America, Purple flowering raspberry is a hardy shrub. The fruits of this purple-flower raspberry are less juicy than the common white-flowered raspberries. Generally, people grow them not only for fruits but also for their flowers. Moreover, these raspberry shrubs are almost thorn-less, which makes them a nice backdrop for any natural setting. Native species are good for biodiversity and sustainability. On top of its environmental contributions, the raspberry also adds beauty and bounty to your garden. Note: this shrub (3-6 ft high and 6-12 ft wide) requires to be planted in a large open space for better pollination and richer harvest.