Winter Care for Tropical Indoor House Plant

Tropical plants are designed for the tropical (apparently). Many tropical plants can survive the Canadian winter indoors. However, extra care may be taken to ensure the long-term survival of these precious guests.

Step 1 Select a sunny site: Tropical plants are sun-loving. Please place the pot near an east, west or south facing window for maximum sun exposure. Artificial light may be needed for residency with only north exposure. 

Step 2 Water the plant only when it is needed. In Canada, two leading reasons for tropical plant failure are the lack of sufficient light, as well as root-rot by over-watering.

Step 3 Inspect the leaves and stems regularly for presence of diseases and pests. Remove the pests and infested leaves as soon as possible.

Fertilizing is not recommended during November to March. Please don’t move the pot outdoors until the danger of frost passes because it only takes one single frost to kill the plant.

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Tropical Indoor House Plant Houseplant