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Hundredfold Canada

Hundredfold Pink Evening Primrose 500 Flower Seeds - Oenothera speciosa Showy Primrose, Pink Buttercups, Ground Cover

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  • Pink Evening Primrose is an upright to sprawling, 1-2 ft. perennial
  • Readily colonizes in open areas in a variety of well-drained soils, rich or poor, dry or moist
  • Flowers release a pleasant scent
  • Each package contains 500 open-pollinated seeds

Originally native only to central grasslands from Missouri to northeastern Mexico, showy primrose is widely naturalized in North America. It is a showy wildflower that does not picky on soils and weather. As long as it is not bone-dry, it lives on. Note it is a perennial to USDA zone 5. It may not survive in Zone 4 areas such as Calgary.

Hundredfold Note: A Sense of Belonging 

Although this pink evening primrose is naturalized in South Canada. It is not a native here. Our native primrose is called common evening primrose. These yellow-flowered plants could be found along the banks of Lake Ontario.

I used to find cute yellow flowers along Leslie Street in Toronto before the COVID-19 pandemic. I believe they can be found elsewhere in the city. Besides all the benefits native plants can offer, they give us a sense of belonging, which you can't buy anywhere. 

Hundredfold Common Evening Primrose 500 Seeds - Oenothera biennis King's Cure-All Sundrop Canada Native Flower Wildflower