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Hundredfold Canada

Hundredfold 2lbs (908g) of Sheep Fescue Grass Seeds - Festuca ovina Fine Fescue for Water-Wise, No-Mow, & Low-Maintenance Lawn, Pure Seeds No Filler

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  • Sheep fescue is a densely tufted, cool-season, dwarf bunchgrass.
  • Its low growth form and low maintenance requirements make it ideal for ground cover.
  • Once a good stand is established, it excludes the invasion of unwanted vegetation.
  • Sheep fescue withstands moderate equipment traffic. This makes it useful in vineyards, orchards, and farm equipment yards.
  • Single species sow rate: 4lbs/1000 sq ft.


Sheep fescue has excellent cold tolerance, good drought tolerance, and moderate shade tolerance. It is more drought tolerant than Idaho fescue and hard fescue. Sheep fescue is best adapted to 12-inch plus precipitation zones. Sheep fescue “greens up” in March to early April and matures in late June to mid-July. It is a cool-season plant; therefore it produces most of its growth in the spring and again in the fall if moisture is available. || Single species sow rate: 4lbs/1000 square feet.