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Serviceberry Juneberry June Berry 15 Seeds - Shadblow, Shadbush or Saskatoon Berry Canada and U.S. Native Fruit Shrub, Ontario Grown, Packed and Shipped in Canada

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  • A native shrub that could be grown for landscaping and could be harvested as berries
  • Serviceberry is not only beautiful but it also attracts bees and birds to the garden
  • It is best to sow seeds in the fall for spring germination as the plant requires stratification if sowed in spring
  • Each package contains 15 seeds that are packed and shipped from Ontario
  • Hundredfold is a Canada-based trademark since 2017. Good fruits multiply.

Serviceberry is a hardy bush adored by many. With the changing seasons, one could watch serviceberry plants blossom with white flowers in the spring. The blossoming kick starts the Spring Shad Run in New England where fishing rods and nets are drawn out for a new fishing season. In the summer, one can see the flowers grow into vibrant purple berries. During the fall, one watches as the leaves slowly fade to an orange-red and fall to the ground to welcome a new year of growth. If you wish to grow a specific variety of serviceberries, it is best to purchase a shrub from a local nursery. This will save you some time and energy. Plus, you will know the exact variety you will be getting. In nature, serviceberries can easily be hybridized with one another. This tends to result in shrubs grown from seeds that may not be identical to their parent plants. Hundredfold offers these kinds of serviceberries that are freshly grown in Southern Ontario.

Note: serviceberry seeds germinate slowly; usually requiring 3 to 6 months to come up. And by purchasing serviceberries from us, you are aware that the exact cultivar of the purchased serviceberries may not be known.

A perfect lawn tree:

The prerequisite for a lawn tree is safety.

  • The tree must not fall on your house.
  • Its roots must not loosen the house's foundation.
  • It must not shred its limbs after major storms.

It seems serviceberry passes all these safety checks.  Together with its four-season interest, it makes a perfect lawn tree.