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Hundredfold Canada

Ontario Organic Apples, 10 LBS of Organic Apple for Eating or Cooking, Ontario Grown 2023 Harvest

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Freshly harvested from an Ontario organic farm, these apples are not the sweetest, but surely the most flavorful. Packed with nutrition and the Ontario sun, they are a pure delight to consume. 

Note that they are organically grown, the sizes are not uniform and may have minor insect bites on the surface of the apples.

Note: I visited this organic orchard myself. Their apples are excellent, but their business is slow. Hundreds of ripe apples were scattered on the orchard ground filled with grass. From all the weeds on the farm and the insect bites on the fruit, it is certain that no insecticide or herbicide has been applied. The owner faces severe competition since there a quite a few conventional orchards in the region. All product pictures were taken at the local farm, Picture 2 shows a bird nest built in a branch.

Supporting local farms is one of our mandates. We need more people buying organics, so more organic farmers can survive and thrive.

Trust our local organic farmers, buy organic today.