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Hundredfold Canada

Hundredfold Fresh Pincushion Mosses 2x2” Live Moss Sheet, Terrarium Bun Moss - Tiny Patch of Live Plants for Bonsai, Tree Under-planting, Shaded Lawn, Terrarium, & Mossarium

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Pincushion Moss can tolerate drier conditions than most mosses. At favorable sites, it can be long-lived for a moss, forming sizable cushions of plants. This moss is often found in upland habitats where oak trees are dominant, and it tends to co-occur with other mosses. While this moss usually occurs in high-quality natural areas, it is occasionally seen in disturbed habitats. The preference is medium shade to partial sun, moist to dry-mesic conditions, and acidic soil.

  • This is a very attractive moss that forms dense cushions of plants of variable size.
  • Large cushions of plants, in particular, have an impressive and somewhat exotic appearance.
  • Each order contains a live moss sheet of 5cmx5cmx1cm in size (approximately the size of 2 one-dollar Canadian coins)
  • Grown in Ontario without the use of chemical.
  •  All natural: No chemical is added to the growth and packaging.