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Hundredfold Canada

Hundredfold Ontario Grown Raw Black Walnut 2 Pounds (LB) Tree Seeds - Juglans nigra Unshelled Eastern Black Walnut Canada Native Tree

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  • Black walnut is renowned for its strong, dark heartwood and is often used for high quality furniture and veneer.
  • Black walnut roots release juglone, a substance that inhibits growth of other plants.
  • When planting trees near black walnut, choose juglone tolerant species such as maples, oaks, hickories and raspberry.
  • Each order contains 2 pounds of raw whole black walnuts (~70-80 nuts).


The black walnut tree (Juglans nigra) is one of North America’s most valuable and beautiful native trees. Black walnut’s large, fernlike foliage provides light, airy shade for those grasses and ground covers not affected by juglone. The leaves turn bright yellow in autumn, contrasting nicely with the tree’s rugged, dark bark.

Please read on if you think the walnuts we carry are ordinary seeds. These nuts were harvested in October 2023 in Southern Ontario. In December 2023, I learned that some of their mother trees were cut down due to development. It was a mild winter day when the news broke, but I was chilled to the bone. Those were healthy trees, each exceeding 100 years old. They quietly stood there for generations, doing nothing but good. Now the magnificent native trees were wiped out forever, with no mercy.

At the second thought, I was released. At least, we have their seeds. These seeds, carrying their late parents’ genetic heritage, will carry on. If you are privileged enough to own or manage a land that can sustain large trees, please give these black walnuts a chance.