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Hundredfold Bur Burr Oak 3 Tree Nut Acorn Seeds - Quercus macrocarpa North America Native, Mossycup Mossy Cup White Oak, Large Specimen & Shade Tree, Canada Grown

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  • A magnificent native tree that is tall and handsome
  • From leaves to roots, every bur oak supports a native ecosystem, from fungus and insects to mammals, many wildlife depend on the tree
  • It is a long-lived tree that lives up to 300 years. Be prepared to enjoy the tree by multiple generations
  • The acorns are eaten by birds, mammals, and even humans, perhaps to ensure food security on rainy days…
  • Each package contains 3 tree seeds
  • Hundredfold is a Canadian trademark since 2017. Good fruits multiply.
  • Bur oak does not like to be transplanted

Product description

Bur oak is one of our favorites. Our passion for native oak is rooted in the love towards this land and the lives she fosters. Every bur oak tree supports a local ecosystem. Moreover, bur oak has a sophisticated fire-prove mechanism, which makes the tree more adaptable in the face of the changing climate.

It is a great idea to pick your own acorns in the woods. However, squirrels may out-compete you for the nuts, which are munched by furry friends before having a chance to go to the full size.

White oaks tend to hold their leaves until spring. Therefore, the trees make excellent privacy screens all year round. If you don't like your neighbor, plant a white oak. Bur oak belongs to the white oak family.