Proven Measures to Reduce Carbon Footprint

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Proven Measures to Fight Climate Change:

  • Plant a Native Species
  • Avoid Fast Fashion
  • Substitute Some Meat with Homegrown Peas and Beans

To fight climate change, we need not look any further than Mother Nature herself. As a distributor of farm and garden seeds, Hundredfold has long been committed to the fight against climate change by harnessing the powers of nature. The seeds listed below can be found on our online store (some for a limited time only). Please contact us at if you have any concerns regarding your purchase.

List of native Canadian plants by their common names:


Pawpaw, Bitternut hickory, Black walnut, and American persimmon


Elderberry, Black chokeberry, Nannyberry, and Serviceberry

Flowers and Herbs:

Swamp rose, Common milkweed, Purple coneflower, Wild bergamot, Anise hyssop and Lemon mint

with more to come, keep checking.

Swamp Milkweed